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Spacing Tokens

Spacing tokens are used to provide consistent spacing between content in your app.

Token Value Example
--sl-spacing-3x-small 0.125rem (2px)
--sl-spacing-2x-small 0.25rem (4px)
--sl-spacing-x-small 0.5rem (8px)
--sl-spacing-small 0.75rem (12px)
--sl-spacing-medium 1rem (16px)
--sl-spacing-large 1.25rem (20px)
--sl-spacing-x-large 1.75rem (28px)
--sl-spacing-2x-large 2.25rem (36px)
--sl-spacing-3x-large 3rem (48px)
--sl-spacing-4x-large 4.5rem (72px)